A space for Makers

A Space for Makers

Have you ever had an idea to make something, but never did anything about it because of lack of space, materials or skills? No need to let those details stop you now, Los Alamos Makers may have what you need to make your dream project come true.

Los Alamos Makers is a space for “Makers” of all types and ages. It’s a place to share space, tools and knowledge. It’s a “Makerspace” which is a trendy term for a community shared workshop and classroom.

If you have a project you want help with, or you want to learn basic woodworking skills, or try out computer programming, or even learn more about DNA forensics, Los Alamos Makers offers space for you to spread out and access tools that you might not have at home. At LA Makers you can interact with people who share similar interests and you can learn new skills.

The lack of available space in cities, the desire for less clutter, and the need for more social interactions has fueled the growth of the sharing economy and the number of community Makerspaces is growing worldwide.

Why is this old shop concept trending now? The 4th industrial revolution is upon us as seen in advancements in robotics, biotechnology, genomics, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. The digital revolution is under way and moving fast. In order to keep up, we all have to be willing to be life-long learners, whether we have a PhD or never graduated from high school.

Paradoxically, some needed and useful skills are neglected, like sewing, cooking, fixing a bike or even knowing how to put up a shelf on a wall. We’ve become empowered and helpless at the same time.

Sewing Camp (Kaylen M. Pocaterra photography)

With seed funding from The Community Lab and sponsorship from Los Alamos National Security and Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos Makers brought the Makerspace concept to our town just over a year ago.

Because Los Alamos is a one-of-a-kind community of creatives and learners with a unique and diverse set of expertise and interests, it is particularly suited for a Makerspace. The mission of Los Alamos Makers is to foster a community of learners and doers, where young and old, beginners and experts, can mingle, learn and innovate.