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Thank you to our sponsors,

who help us fulfill our mission

and better serve our community!

Los Alamos Makers serves as an informal inclusive vocational training center for all ages and all abilities.

Los Alamos Makers provides Science, Technology, Engineering and Art  vocational and educational services as well as  training for people of all ages. These services include providing access to tools, space, mentoring, classes, talks, workshops and hands-on activities.

Our mission is to foster a community of learners and doers by encouraging professional development, creativity, perseverance and ingenuity at any age.

Our goal is to promote our community's diversity of skills, interests and ways of learning; stimulate the acquisition of new skills; encourage collaborations across disciplines and support entrepreneurship.


Los Alamos Makers harnesses local talent to allow the broader community to explore, learn and perfect new skills. 

We provide opportunities for people of all ages to informally teach or learn real-life applications of technology, from basic woodworking and sewing to advanced computer programming, 3D printing, Computer Numerical Control machining to artificial intelligence and biotechnology. 

Check out why we do what we do here.

Our current and past sponsors:

2021 support:
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2020 support:
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Past sponsors:

Sponsorship is your way of telling us:

"Hey, we like what you do for the community, and we would love to help support your mission."

Big or small, rest assured that your support of our non-profit organization will make a difference.

We have invested a lot in this endeavor and we would like to continue...with your support!

We are a tax-exempt 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

Your donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!

Acknowledging individual donors: 

(LANL employee giving campaign donations; in-person donations and online donations (Facebook or website)

- Alicia J. - Jacob Y. - Pat M. - Lucy F. - James W. - Joseph G. - Michael G. - Mark John B. - Mike S. - Conrad F. - Stephanie R. - Michelle - 

In-kind donations:

- Erica B. (In Memory of Miles Baron)

- Pat M. - David P. - Conrad F. - Robert R. - Linda H. - Aaron A. - Deirdre M. - Theresa G. - Mark John B. - Jacob Y. - 

Thank you to our anonymous donors out there! We appreciate you!

Thank You!!!

Other ways you can help:
- Monetary donation
- Donate your precious time
Volunteers are essential to the success of the Makerspace,
so your gift of time is invaluable to us.
Please check out our volunteering opportunities here.
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