Soft-reopening guidelines

Old rules are still in effect.

If you haven't already, please make sure to read our policies here:

New rules:

1- Before your member key fob can be activated (or reactivated), you will have to fill out the following agreement form:


2- If you are feeling sick, or even tired, do NOT plan a visit. COVID-19 aside, working while tired is just not safe.

3- In order to limit the number of members in the same room, please make sure to sign up for a time on this calendar, before you come, by creating an event. Make sure to write the room and your name (ex: LV1-Jacob).

If there are already 2 people signed up for your room (LV1 or LV2), you will have to pick a different time.

You will have to pick a room and not go from room to room during a scheduled visit.

(FYI, LV2 is the wood shop room)

4- At this time, to minimize the number of people present simultaneously, members are NOT allowed to bring guests.

5- Wash your hands properly with soap and water as soon as you come in and before you touch any tool or equipment.

6- Since wiping each tool or equipment with disinfectant after each use is not always practical or good for the tool or piece of equipment, please wear a mask and gloves as much as possible and respect standard social distancing practices. Masks and gloves are available in each room.

7- Do not allow anyone to piggyback!!! Members should use their own key fob.

8- Lastly, anyone who triggers the SawSTOP security system, intentionally or not, will be charged $150. So, please do not try to cut wet wood, pressure-treated wood, or any metals without consulting us first. You can also test your wood using the saw's bypass mode.

Again, per our policy, do NOT use any equipment you haven't been trained on or cleared to use.

9- As always, please clean up after yourselves!