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Why Every Business Needs a Working User-Friendly Website

Because some of our DIYers are not just hobbyists but some are also creatives and budding entrepreneurs, here is a little advice from our guest blogger, Clarissa Caouette. Clarissa is an entrepreneur at heart. By day, she is the proud owner of a residential cleaning company. By night, she is writing about business trends as well as her other passion - home decor and gardening. When not working, Clarissa can be found with her family in their home just outside of Nashville, TN.

Los Alamos Makers disclaimer: We know our website could use more work...

Small businesses are becoming more and more easy to start-up given the new possibilities offered by technology. Though it may be easier to start a business today compared to decades before, there still are many things you have to do and consider to keep up with your consumers and to remain relevant. It doesn’t cost much money to start a small business either, especially if you are starting a blog or an eCommerce store.

Many people have been drawn to the new aspect of e-commerce as it is more convenient and easy to shop and get the things you need and desire. Everything and everyone is online and your business should be too.

Every small business should have its own website, no matter the business type. It is the smartest thing to do to keep up with mainstream consumers and the latest technology. But when you are keeping up with the latest technology, you should also practice precautions when it comes to data protection and security. You want your customers to trust you and when you have a working business website, you can attract cybercriminals. Staying up to date means keeping up with cybersecurity measures as well. If you are a business owner or an aspiring one, you should consider frequent research, networking, and online or local training sessions to stay up to date with the latest relevant information. There are many reasons why your business should have a website and here are a few.

1. Customer expectations Your customer expects you to be innovative, interesting, and timely at the least. Your customers will expect you to be up to date with the latest trends and technology. Customers expect your business to have a corresponding website that works properly and is user-friendly. User-friendly websites contain easy to use tools, tabs, and options and feature interesting content, photos, infographics, and more. The goal is to have a solid business-customer relationship. You must make sure that your customers trust you. If you don't have a website for your business it may be harder for future customers to trust you. There are many web design companies online that are reputable for help in creating a website, including finding a domain name, web design, copy, images and more.

2. You have more control When you have a website you have more control over your products and your time. You control the narrative of your business. You control what your customers see and how your customers feel about your business. We all know you can control this image through other outlets on social media, but having a secure user-friendly website gives your customers a reason to trust you.

Even going to the extent of having a blog on your website is beneficial in many ways. Not only are you able to get your message across but your mission as well. Businesses often use the design and mood of their website to help determine the personality of their business. This is a fast process so there is no delay in communication, verbally or technologically. If you want to you could utilize social media to your advantage as well. Social media is known for being the way some stars got their beginning. Take advantage of the easy and convenient ways of communication to network and build relationships with customers and colleagues.

3. To compete with others You always want to stay ahead when being in the business industry. Competitors are always thinking the same. To be able to compete with your competitors you want to stay up to date on the latest trends whether they be technology or products. Your competitors all have their own websites and they have gained many customers because of it. Everything is online and people enjoy research and surfing the web about topics that interest them. You want your customers to be able to access yours when your physical store is closed. If you’re always open then you’re always going to be making money.

4. Always open, always profiting When your workers aren’t at work due to any kind of restricting circumstance, you still want to be able to profit from your business. Having a website allows you to showcase your products easy for your customers to shop and purchase. Whether you have a business website or an eCommerce website, small businesses should have a corresponding website for their own profit. You want to take your online presence as serious as you take your profits. It will not only increase your customers but your profits as well. Your customers won't be restricted to just within your general geographical reach if you’re website is global friendly. You should always have a website for your business because a broader reach will bring you more income.

5. Google search rankings

A website online isn’t going to get traffic simply because it is a website online. It has to be notable, intelligent, and reputable for it to be at the highest ranking in the search engine. Google and other large search engine companies use a specific type of ranking method that is based on various reasons. For example, you want an article or photograph that is trustworthy and relevant to your search when you are researching. With a website, your current and future customers have access to your business at their leisure. This is beneficial for your business reputation and success. Companies often use SEO and link building companies. You want your business to show up in google search results when a prospective customer either searches for your business or something associated with your business.

6. Showcase your products and services Showcase your products easily with a website and people from all around the world can see what your store has to offer. Whether you are selling items or services it is important to give your customers a clear look at what you have to exchange. You can utilize camera angles for great images to show the quality of your work. With your website you can provide exclusive looks on certain aspects of your business, for example; ● Behind the scenes ● Interview ● Shows ● Concerts ● Exclusive releases ● And more

There are many things that keep customers coming back to you for what they need. Many businesses include interesting content on their websites to ignite customer interaction and analyzation. You want give your customers options to help youunderstand what they like.

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