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Free special interest clubs, peer mentoring, affordable classes and space rental...

Thank you for your interest in Los Alamos Makers!
5 main reasons why we do what we do...
and what you can do to help:
1. Everyone has ideas! 
Not everyone has the space, the expertise, the equipment and the support they need to bring their ideas to life. Come test your ideas and start a new venture.
2. Upskilling!
Bring your skills up to date and explore new ways of doing things.
The digital revolution (a.k.a. the 4th industrial revolution) is upon us! Technology is changing at a rapid pace, affecting the way we learn and work.

Resting on our laurels is no longer a viable option. We all need to be more flexible, explore new fields, collaborate more, be willing to learn at all ages and be more creative.

Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit will power the 4th industrial revolution. 
3. The power of networking!
Bringing people together strengthens communities. Building relationships while sharing skills and being exposed to fresh ideas or old forgotten ideas is very valuable.  Being able to tap into a network of talented individuals for your own project is also something the people we serve enjoy.
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4. Workforce development.
Continuous learning helps reduce skill gaps.
We have partnered with the "New Collar Network" to provide and certify some of our technical training.
A detailed description of our available badges will be posted here soon (3D printing, Laser, CNC, Coding, Biolab technician and woodworking skills).
In order for us to keep providing services to our communities, we need your support.

A great way to help is to just purchase a membership here (1 month, 6 months or even 1 year).

We are a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, so there are many other ways you can help support us :
- Give the gift of your most precious asset...your time, by volunteering your skills.
- LANL Employee Giving Campaign: A portion of your donation will be generously matched.
Just look for "Los Alamos Makers"!
- Donate through our website to help us maintain and better our existing programs
and create new ones (you can donate below via PayPal).
- You can also make a check payable to "Los Alamos Makers" and send it to: 
Los Alamos Makers
3540 Orange Street - Suite LV1
Los Alamos, NM, 87544
We will send you a tax-deductible donation receipt.
- You could also almost do nothing and support Los Alamos Makers while doing your normal shopping at Amazon, just go to when you shop and select Los Alamos Makers. Amazon will match and donate 0.5% of the amount you spend to the organization you choose.
Where does your money go?
Los Alamos Makers is an all-volunteer organization! That means no one gets a paycheck.
We are truly here to serve our community... no other motivation. We also do not waste your money.
The money we get goes towards renting the space (which by the way goes to Los Alamos Public Schools since we rent from them), equipment, tools, materials, consumables (like replacing broken needles, bits etc... because, yes, makers of all levels break stuff sometimes...that's part of the process).
We are a charitable organization because our mission is to serve our community and we made significant personal investment in this organization but we are not in the business of just collecting money. We believe enough in our mission that we always look for ways to make our organization sustainable, that's why we charge for memberships and certain classes. One of our paths to sustainability is to leverage our local custom manufacturing capabilities and actually offer cost-effective marketable services to individuals and businesses.
We not only train and nurture makers of all kinds but we also leverage skills set of local makers whenever possible.
Because makers are more inclined to learn new skills...and "making" sharpens one's creativity and develops ingenuity, makers are naturally very attractive employees. 
We are working on a badging system so you can showcase all your maker skills and share them on your CV, business card, LinkedIn and Indeed profiles etc... and maybe get matched with "employers who value the maker skillset and mindset".
So making is not just a hobby! It is professional development and economic development.


We are truly grateful to "The Community Lab" for their sponsorship and for believing in our mission from the very beginning, which allowed us to slowly but surely get off the ground. We are grateful for over 6 years of service to our community (since 2016) and are working hard for the opportunity to serve you many more years.

We are grateful for all of our sponsors (individuals, corporations and grant-making organizations) past, present and future. Check them out and if you know any of them or anyone who works for them;Thank them for us!

Every dollar counts.

Thank you!

Where money goes
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