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Past featured makers of Los Alamos: Robert Rieke / Sasha Scully / Caitlin Bain / Gordon McDonough  / Sue / Alexander / Marissa

Meet Stefan!

Stefan is a PhD student, a woodworking enthusiast and a Los Alamos Makers volunteer. He shares his skills with the community.

Check out this article featuring Stefan:


Meet Marissa!


Marissa is a gifted artist. She has attended and helped participants of some of our sewing meetups. She designs and makes creepy cool stuffed animals and she is in the process for writing her own animation. She is also skilled in 3D animation. She will help facilitate a community Blender group at Los Alamos Makers.

Meet Alexander!


Alexander has been a member at the Los Alamos Makers' space since 2017. He learned how to do woodworking by starting outstanding ambitious projects, some of which were displayed at the Fuller Lodge. What will you make?

Meet Sue!


"Sue Bombardt is a retired laboratory medicine professional who began creating with stained glass in 1975. She added lampwork and fused glass to her palette in 2003.

It is captivating to hear how Bombardt brings her science background to her glass art and see how creative she gets by combining the different techniques she has learned over the years to create original and beautiful pieces." 

Check out the original article on how Sue is involved at Los Alamos Makers and look for our Eventbrite calendar of events for her next class.

Meet Gordon!


Gordon is a self proclaimed "Science evangelist"!

Gordon loves anything related to Science...and the best part is that he loves to share his knowledge and skills.

He is as smart as he is kind.

Gordon and his wife are strong science education advocates. We are very lucky to have them in this town and we are very excited that will help with some classes at the makerspace.


If you have Facebook, check out their Math Museum project:

Meet Caitlin Bain

Caitlin Bain

Caitlin was a guest maker during one of our 2017 open houses.

Caitlin makes knit dolls and animals. "They are all one of a kind and super sweet! The dolls range in size. The bigger dolls are about 12 inches tall, the medium sized dolls are about 9 inches tall and the mini dolls that come in a set of three are 5 inches tall."

In her own words: 

I started making dolls for my girls that looked like them for fun. Their friends loved them, so their parents asked me to make some for their kids too! So I began taking custom orders and took off from there!

I have an Etsy page, a Facebook page and an Instagram page:

Meet Sasha Scully

Sasha Scully
Sasha is always experimenting with new ideas and projects that combine her skill sets.
Her diverse skills include woodworking, painting live (theatrical painting)  to making her own black light ink and experimenting with engraving and construction.

Sasha's Specialty/Skills

  • Oil Painting/Theatrical

  • Woodworking

  • Digital Art

  • 3d Animation

  • Tile Work

  • Construction

  • Fabric Design

  • Sewing

  • Self-Publisher

  • Tutor/Teacher

  • Murals

  • Glass Etching


Sasha was born and raised in New Mexico. With a rich background in the arts and engineering, she has shown her artwork in many different galleries, exhibits, juried art shows, and several featured publications. In addition, she has also crafted award winning art pieces. Her skills range from being a teacher, professional artist, theatrical painter, graphic designer, 3D animator, videographer, author/ illustrator of adult and family coloring books. Sasha is well known for her use of vibrant colors, textures, and her unique style of drawing. Because of her own "SäshaStylz™", she is able to create emotions and a personal connection with her audience that takes them on a journey of their own. Her creativity speaks for itself and comes to life, which tells a story that is unique to everyone. 

While living in Los Alamos with her family, Sasha spends her spare time volunteering, creating and donating live paintings, teaching paint nights throughout the local area and at private parties and relax in the Jemez with her family.  During the summer, she attended Gordon's Concert Series and painted live on stage along with holding classes during the music.


What’s Next?!

Her next art project she is working on brings the elements of her engineering and art background into play.  

Her Links:





Meet Robert Rieke

We love having Robert around. Robert is a very creative woodworking enthusiast.

He creates custom woodwork and is a regular at our woodworking meetups.


We are grateful for his support and knowledge.

Come meet him and other local makers.

Check out his website:

Robert Rieke
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