Makerspaces can play a pivotal role in our communities

Whether it's education, custom small-scale manufacturing, fostering economic development or helping build an inclusive community, makerspaces are not just a fad. Makerspaces are assets for our communities! Some of the exhibitors that showcased their products and organizations at NOMCON 2018 in Santa Fe are a testimony of what the power of knowledge and vocational skills in makerpces can bring to a community. An MIT program promoting innovation and entrepreneurship led a session at the Nation Of Makers conference. Building an inclusive community is possible in makerspaces.

Ignite Los Alamos 2018

Los Alamos Makers was the proud host of the very first "Ignite Los Alamos" event. What is "Ignite Los Alamos"? More appropriately, what are "Ignite talks"? "Ignite talks first started in Seattle, Wash., 12 years ago and is now a global phenomenon with events around the world from New York City to Paris, France … and now Los Alamos. Most of us have heard of TED talks. Unlike TED talks, Ignite talks have a very specific format and are designed to be very inclusive: Ignite’s official mission is “Everyone Speaks”. The only requirement is that ‘speakers must build their presentations with 20 slides, each of which is shown for 15 seconds, giving each speaker five minutes”. This particular format m

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