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About Us


Los Alamos Makers is a non-profit organization.


We are scientists, engineers, technicians, artists, hobbyists of all kinds, who want to share our experience, knowledge and skills with our community and want to learn from and collaborate with our fellow community members!


We believe that bringing people together strengthens communities and that creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit will power the 4th industrial revolution..

Los Alamos Makers encourages people to discover their gifts by tinkering and exploring, on their own terms.

Our mission has 3 main goals:

  • Education;

  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship and

  • Facilitate networking and collaborations within our community.


We have a classroom available for classes and meetings.

The space also has a "design area" with computers, Raspberry Pis, CAD software and 3D printers.

We have a wood shop with some pretty cool toys including laser cutters and engravers.

We also rent space for individual projects including some storage. We also have a full biolab for basic introduction to genomics and a fun kid room for little ones to enjoy while parents are working or networking.

We serve a wide variety of people, from middle school students to seasoned engineers.

We host and facilitate a number of free special interest clubs or meetups, like woodworking, sewing, jewelry making and a CoderDojo for teens.


We offer affordable introductory classes and camps for adults.

The space is available for people to teach a class or just use the space and equipment for their individual project.

What we offer evolves based on what people chime in!

Our Maker manifesto:

1. "We will see challenges as opportunities to invent"

2. "We will hunt down new skills."

3. We will embrace our diversity in skills, interest and ways of learning

4. "We will improve things", or just learn how they work

5. We will help each other "Make"

6. We will learn the value of creativity and perseverance

7. We will strive to be environmentally friendly

8. We will make each other's safety a priority

9. "We will forge collaborations" across disciplines

10.We will foster a community of learners and doers.

Adapted from a previous Maker manifesto.

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