What if we fixed, re-purposed or donated our "stuff" instead of throwing it away?

Yeah...I know...Who's got time for that, right? Fixing, re-purposing and even donating can be an investment in time AND money. Sometimes it's just easier to trash it...But where does it all go? Well, that's a loaded question and may be the subject of a later post. What are the options currently available for consumers? Besides municipal recycling facilities, some grassroots efforts, like "Buy Nothing" and "Freecycle.org" are enabling people to give and get stuff for free in their own towns: "It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills" (Freecycle.org). Mmmm...Wait..."Keeping good stuff out of landfills"?! You mean it's not all trash?! Someone may want that stuff?! Well, it t

A space for Makers

A Space for Makers Have you ever had an idea to make something, but never did anything about it because of lack of space, materials or skills? No need to let those details stop you now, Los Alamos Makers may have what you need to make your dream project come true. Los Alamos Makers is a space for “Makers” of all types and ages. It’s a place to share space, tools and knowledge. It’s a “Makerspace” which is a trendy term for a community shared workshop and classroom. If you have a project you want help with, or you want to learn basic woodworking skills, or try out computer programming, or even learn more about DNA forensics, Los Alamos Makers offers space for you to spread out and access too

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