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DOE Solar Competition Event

Today is the last day you can submit your idea!

Last week, on Saturday , September 29th, Los Alamos Makers organized an info session focused on the latest American-Solar Prize competition funded by the Department of Energy. Since Los Alamos is a town of many talents and creative geeks, we encouraged the community to come together and brainstorm ideas.

Although not many people RSVP'ed via the Eventbrite page for the event, over 30 people actually showed up, some even had ideas. After introducing the ins and outs of the competition, we had a wonderful brainstorming session with people with ideas and seriously considering applying.

This competition is a great opportunity for brilliant ideas to actually get off the ground with funding and resources to help bring ideas to life, backed by a country-wide network of "connectors".

Although we eventually found out that DOE contractors most likely could not participate, which was a serious bummer since most of our town has some kind of DOE connection because of the national laboratory, we hope that some still do take the jump and apply.

The deadline is today by 11.59 p.m EST.

Ready, Set, Go!

Apply at:

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