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Volunteering Opportunities:

Most volunteering opportunities are very flexible.

They can be single-event or longer-term unless stated otherwise.


Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn a trade, practice your skills,

gain actual experience and contribute to the community in a meaningful way!:


3D Printing Assistant:  This is a unique opportunity for a volunteer interested in 3D printing to actually learn the basics of the trade, enough to assist members with their prints. This is a longer-term opportunity, because of the specific training involved.


Newsletter  Manager:  We send newsletters to our subscribers twice a month on average. The manager would collect information about upcoming activities, gather event photos, and create a newsletter using the predesigned templates.  If you love writing articles, PR or journalism, this would be an enjoyable experience!


Blogger: We plan on regularly featuring selected Makers in our community. Each featured “maker” would have to be approved but other than that, you will be free to run the show… plus you will get a chance to meet very interesting people.


Board Members: Our board is scheduled to meet twice a year to assess our progress towards fulfilling our mission.

Event Planners:  Los Alamos Makers is seeking volunteers to help with the planning of some of our events. We are a community-centered organization, so you will have the opportunity to help come up with events that will serve our community while fulfilling our core mission. You will help with press releases, social media postings and maybe assist with budgeting if you are so inclined (not required).


Receptionists: If you love to meet new people, this opportunity is ideal.


Event Photographer:  Do you love photography?  Love mingling in social settings?  Love capturing good works in action?  Los Alamos Makers could use your camera skills!  Photos are used on our website Facebook and Instagram pages, and in press releases and newsletters.  You can volunteer to photograph a single event or ongoing activities. 

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