Upcoming jewelry-making events:

  • Jewelry-making meetup on Monday, August 27th, 6 to 7PM

  • New format:
    1)  Videos:
            *  What is a Flame (7 minutes) - entertaining science explanation of a flame

  •         *  What is glass? (10 min)

            *  Bullseye Factory Tour (6.5 min)

            This is a total of 23.5 minutes

    2)  Demonstrations and/or Show and Tell by anyone willing

    3)  Questions or Problems we can discuss and suggest experimentation and/or solutions

    If 2) and 3) do not fill up the rest of the hour. . . I could add an extra video (What is Kiln-Glass (4 min), etc) or 2.

  • Evening Beginners' Stained Glass Class- Monday evenings 6 to 9PM, starting November 12th (Details here) - 4-session class.

  • Saturday Beginners' Stained Glass Class starting May 26th, 10AM to 4PM (Details here)

  • Beginners' Glass Fusion class - Saturday, November 3rd, 9AM to noon (Details here) and Tuesday, Nov 6th, 6PM to 9PM (details here)

The techniques used for jewelry making allow you to create more than just jewelry.
Here is a list of past workshops (Feel free to suggest more):
  • Introduction to Glass Fusion
  • Microwave Glass Fusion workshop for Jewelry Making
Please note that Microwave Glass Fusion involves 1,400 F temperatures, so it is not appropriate for anyone under 13.
Jewelry making uses a number of different techniques, not just using a kiln.
Jewelry making enthusiasts are encouraged to join our local Jewelry Making MeetUp here.
This is a great oportunity to share skills struggles, tips and maybe just get introduced to the trade and request classes.

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