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Knowing how to build and program electronics is very empowering.
You can make all sorts of custom gadgets and tools.
Have fun, make your own thing or invent the next big thing!
  "How-To-Solder" tutorial 
Here is a list of past and current events (Feel free to suggest more):
  • Free CoderDojo for kids 7 to 12 (Weekly on Tuesdays 3.30PM to 4.30PM)
  • Free Raspberry Pi club (Weekly on Thursdays 6.30PM to 8PM)
  • Free Python club for teens and adults
  • Introduction to GIMP
  • Introduction to TensorFlow
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi 
  • Introduction to computer programming series
  • Techno-Halloween workshop series
  • Super Mario star programmable tree topper (Starduino)
  • Arduino Halloween workshop
#Soldering is an important basic skill f
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