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If you are interested in a career in Biotech, have a distant idea for a Biotech-related product, or are just curious about Biotech, you are invited to join the local Biotech meetup, where we will network, learn about the technical, financial and business side of Biotech.

By participating in this group, you will get an opportunity to earn an Entrepreneurial Capability certificate, in collaboration with the UNM Innovation Academy.

After running a Community Biotech Club in a school setting, we now have opened the club to the broader community.
All ages are welcome!
If you would like to join or help with the Community Biotech Club, please email us at
We are grateful for our sponsors who made this club possible:
The Biotech Club (1) (1).png

We started a Biotech Club at the Los Alamos Middle School to introduce kids to Biotech careers and the fun of being a scientist (picture of the left).

The kids got to actually dissect a real scientific paper, discuss the scientific process, criticize the data and comment on the conclusions, in preparation for a hands-on PCR-based class activity organized by Mrs Raines.

This Summer, in the midst of the pandemic, we took advantage of this learning opportunity to discuss how COVID-19 testing was performed and took part in a surface testing global initiative (MetaSUB). Our local effort got some press and a feature in the local TV news (video on the right).

Why biology?
Because we believe that Nature is the ultimate scientist and engineer and that biological sciences are an important aspect of technology innovation.
Nature has been building things through trial and error for a very long time.
Electricity existed in our bodies before we even knew what it was ...what else is out  there? 
Biology is the study of life and there is still much to learn and copy...for the sake of our health and environment.
Here is a list of past and upcoming workshops (Feel free to suggest more):
  • Biotech Club at Los Alamos Middle School
  • Introduction to DNA and DNA testing
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Basics of traditional cloning
  • Introduction to genetic engineering
  • Introduction to DNA Barcoding
  • Introduction to CRISPR

Bio is the new digital!

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