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3D printing and 3D design:

the ultimate customization tools.

New remote 3D printing workshops available!
Get a sneak peek
on this video:
You don't always have to build things from scratch.
3D printing can sometimes be an experiment...
It's not always "set it and forget it".
You need quality filament and sometimes you need to adjust the conditions for better results.
So, take a crack at it. You may get hooked.
We have "Simplify 3D" available to use.
It significantly improves your results and simplifies the process.
If you have taken our "Introduction to 3D printing" class and
you are now ready to start our own prints, here is a basic guide you can use as a refresher:
Basic 3D printing guide.
Check out our Eventbrite  page for the next workshops.
Here is a list of past and upcoming 3D-printing and design workshops
(Feel free to suggest more):
  • Introduction to 3D design and printing for kids 7 to 16 
  • Introduction to 3D printing.
  • Super Mario star programmable tree topper (Starduino)
  • Introduction to SketchUp
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If you can't wait for the next available

"Intro to 3D printing" class,

you can search the large Thingiverse database for something you would like to print.

We will determine the weight of the final print and charge between 25 and 50 cents a gram (based on membership status).

There is also a $5 set-up fee, if you are not a member, or a punch on your card.

If you would like to try to make your own design, Tinkercad is an easy, free, browser-based program you can use to start designing, no downloads necessary.

Below are some basic online tutorials to start playing around.

3D-printing service
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We offer affordable professional 3D printing services with a 48-hour turnaround.
It's simple:
1- You send us your confidential design.
2- We send you a quote.
3- You agree.
4- We start the work immediately.
Please inquire at
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