Knowing how to sew gives you the freedom
to fix, design and create your own clothes, costumes, draperies etc...
Discover a new can get addictive.
Have fun, make your own thing. Maybe be the next top designer!
Here is a list of past workshops (Feel free to suggest more):
  • Free Introduction to quilting with Jill
  • Sewing Camp for teens and adults series (13+)
    • Make a hot/cool pack​
    • Make a pillow case with button holes
    • Make your own beanie hat
    • Make a coin purse with zipper
    • Freestyle  (Just bring your project, fabric and pattern and we'll help you out)
  • Sewing Camp for kids
  • Beginner's sewing workshop
  • Halloween sewing help
  • Make your own beanie hat
Join the Los Alamos
Sewing Meetup here!
Patterns can be a nightmare...
learn tips on how to read them...
or skip them all together.
Kelsey made her own pencil skirt
for Halloween. Classy and spooky !

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