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Knowing how to sew gives you the freedom
to fix, design and create your own clothes, costumes, draperies etc...
Discover a new can get addictive.
Have fun, make your own thing. Maybe be the next top designer!
Here is a list of past workshops (Feel free to suggest more):
  • Free Introduction to quilting with Jill
  • Sewing Camp for teens and adults series (13+)
    • Make a hot/cool pack​
    • Make a pillow case with button holes
    • Make your own beanie hat
    • Make a coin purse with zipper
    • Freestyle  (Just bring your project, fabric and pattern and we'll help you out)
  • Sewing Camp for kids
  • Beginner's sewing workshop
  • Halloween sewing help
  • Make your own beanie hat
Join the Los Alamos
Sewing Meetup here!
Patterns can be a nightmare...
learn tips on how to read them...
or skip them all together.

All of our clubs and meetups are now fully remote or hybrid.

So if you can't make it, you can still join us via

Kelsey made her own pencil skirt
for Halloween. Classy and spooky !
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