The punchcard option:

It includes access to our interactive play area, space, tools, equipment, 3D printer, wood shop
and 1-on-1 mentorship.
Punchcards are $32
for 5 day-visits
(That's 1 free visit!)
Not sure you'll use your membership much within a particular time frame?
You don't have to commit to membership but can still take advantage of perks and discounts on passes and workshops...with a punchcard.
How it works:
1 - Sign up for our punchcard .
You can pay online here or pick it up at the Makerspace.
2 - Enjoy 5 day-passes  and access to our interactive play area!
- You save money on individual passes and workshops.
- There is no time limit, no expiration date.
- Scared you may lose your card?
No worries, we'll keep a copy of your card on site and keep a digital record.
- You use the services at your own pace and convenience, while still getting rewarded for your loyalty.

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