How to get involved?

Participate in our many free events

We have a number of free events and networking opportunities. Check out our Events page and come check us out.

Sign up for a workshop or event

We have a variety of workshops available, from arts and crafts to computer programming and biotechnology. Check out our upcoming workshops.

Become a volunteer

If you have any skills you'd like to teach, or would like to help out. Please let us know.

Being a volunteer will grant you free membership for as long as you are a volunteer, or a punchcard depending on your involvement.

Become a member

Being a member comes with a few perks:

- Unlimited access to the space and equipment

- Discount on consumables

- Access to the space outside of open hours by appointment

Get a punchcard!

If you are not sure you'll take full advantage of your membership, but still want to benefit from loyalty discounts, our punchcard may be the way to go for you!

Rent a bench or storage

If you need your own space within the makerspace, we also rent a couple of dedicated benches and a desk, with storage included.

Please inquire for availability.

Children under 13 can still enjoy the space

We are working on getting a license so we can welcome unaccompanied children under 13.

In the meantime, children under 13 are welcome to come with a parent or guardian, at no cost to the accompanying parent or guardian. This is also valid for workshops.

Parents just need to fill out our Liability Waiver.

Are you interested in our science-themed parties?

Why throw the same old party? 

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